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Ningbo Hi-tech Zone Nice-Synth Chemical Industry Ltd. is a technology-based company, Located in National Hi-tech Zone, Ningbo, We have factory in Shanxi province, and have well-equipped laboratories and pilot plant.

R&D and marketing is our core work. Our key staffs have more than ten years working experience in their fields. They are experts in organic synthesis, or in exporting procedure for chemicals from China.

We always try our best to offer our clients honest and professional service, stable product quality, and favorable price. And in many cases, we can accept payment term which is risk-free to buyers----To some buyers, we can accept the term of T/T agaist the copy of Waybill (B/L), even T/T after buyer's receipt of our goods..

Our products includes  intermediate chemicals, polymer additives,and some specialty chemicals.

Intermediate Chemicals

We offer specialty chemicals such as S-Methylisothiouronium sulfate(867-44-7), tert-Butylhydrazine hydrochloride(7400-27-3), Isosorbide(652-67-5), Acetanilide(103-84-4), N-Methylurea(598-50-5), 2,4,6-tris(2,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-1,3,5-triazine(2125-23-7), 2,2'-Biphenyldiol(1806-29-7), 5-Nitrosalicylaldehyde(97-51-8), 3,5-Dinitrosalicylic acid(609-99-4), 2-Amino-4,6-dichloro-5-methylphenol hydrochloride(39549-31-0), 7-Diethylamino-4-methylcoumarin(CAS: 91-44-1), Trithiocyanuric acid monosodium salt(CAS: 41450-97-9), and so on.

Polymer Additives

Our polymer additives include Sodium 2,2'-methylene-bis-(4,6-di-tert-butylphenyl)phosphate(85209-91-2), N-4(anilinophenyl)maleimide(32099-65-3), 1,3-Bis(citraconimidomethyl)benzene(119462-56-5), Sodium hexamethylene-1,6-bisthiosulfate dihydrate(5719-73-3), 2,2'-Dithiobisbenzanilide(135-57-9), 1,4-Benzoquinone dioxime (105-11-3), Adipic dihydrazide(1071-93-8), N,N,N',N'-Tetrakis(2-hydroxyethyl)adipamide(6334-25-4), Stearyldiethanolamine(10213-78-2) Glyceryl tribenzoate(614-33-5), 1,4-Cyclohexanedimethanol dibenzoate(35541-81-2), Poly-tert-butylphenoldisulfide(CAS: 60303-68-6), and so on.

Specialty Chemicals

We are very strong at  1,3,5-Triazine-2,4,6-trithiol trisodium salt(17766-26-6), Disodium methanedisulfonate(5799-70-2), Dipotassium methanedisulfonate(6291-65-2) , Monoethaneamine benzoate(4337-66-0), Zinc undecylenate(557-08-4), and so on.